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Barcode Label

Easily identify and track your products using unique barcodes. Retailers, manufacturers, warehouses and even logistics companies order printed, paper based barcode labels from our company. We welcome inquiries from all businesses and organizations that manage huge inventory.


Mono Cartons

Mono cartons are folding cartons that are supplied as a a printed single paper sheet can be formed into packaging containers for consumer products, like face wash and night gel. Customers can get these cartons in desired prints, sizes, and shapes. They just need to call us to place their order.

Bottle Labels

All consumer products, be it oil, hand sanitiser, or a food item, are labelled by the companies for branding, promoting, informing and identification. The bottle labels can be produced in desired sizes and designs, and supplies in rolls.


PVC Sticker And Label

Order PVC sticker and label in desired designs, shapes and sizes from our company. We can produce these durable stickers with strong adhesive backing for labelling of products used in industries, like manufacturing and retail.

Polyster Label

Whether you want glossy or matt finished labels, you can get desired polyester labels for your products at Dharam Industry. These labels are essential for product identification as well as promotion. There can be labels for guiding the users to use or care for the product.

Printed Foil Labels

Printed foil labels are adhesive labels that are designed for products or packaging with the purpose of branding and product identification. These labels with reflective silver appearance add a touch of sophistication and improving aesthetics.


Printed Hang Tags

Garments are packaged with several branding tools. One of the most common branding tools is a printed hang tag. The tag may include brand information, product information pricing and even barcode. Paper and cardboard are used for making these tags, which are further printed and cut into desired shape.

Holograms Labels

Pharmaceutical packaging. consumer products, identification cards and many other items are labeled with Hologram labels. Incorporating holographic technology, these labels are added for the security purpose and ensuring the authenticity of products.


Vinyl Sticker

Buy from us cartoon stickers made in vinyl and supplied under the brand- Supreme. These vinyl stickers with strong adhesive backing can be used by children for decorating or learning purpose.


Chrome Sticker

Adhesive sticker or label like chrome sticker is designed to enhance visual appeal of the labeled product. Apply this sticker on any surface that is clean and dry. Such sticker is regarded versatile, durable and can be ordered in different designs, shapes and sizes.

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